Little Black Fish

In collaboration with a group of very young artists this magical installation was made at the Vrolijkheid in the Amsterdam asylum seekers’ center. The installation, which shines over the grounds at night like a lantern, originates from a series of illustration workshops. By drawing together, inspiration was gathered for a moving underwater world.

The project, which will be on display in the upcoming weeks at the Vrolijke Museum in the Amsterdam asylum seekers’ center, is based on the story “The Little Black Fish” by the Iranian writer Samad Behrangi. A little fish breaks away from its resistant mother and environment. It ends up in the big, bad world and encounters all sorts of things.

The technical challenge of this video projection was that 4 projector were needed to project around the greenhouse. The greenhouse was very small, so mirrors were used to extend the projection. Maarten van der Glas also wrote software to run on 4 little computers (raspberry pi’s) that each played a part of the video. All computers were connected via a network to play the image in sync. And because of the projection angles all images had to be corrected by the custom video software. The result worked flawlessly.

Video Mapping and software: Maarten van der Glas

Animation: Mustafa Kandaz

Behind the Scenes