Like Dust

Like Dust is an interactive Graphic novel that tells the story of Sam Yazdanpanna and also symbolizes a much more universal story.

Every day thousands of young people flee from one country and travel to another country full of hope and expectations.

This journey is always accompanied by uncertainty and danger. You never know who you can trust and where you might end up. The Graphic novel ‘like dust’ shows that there is a whole story behind every refugee. It’s always easy to dismiss people as fortune seekers, or just numbers, but every individual who leaves their home goes through some kind of identity transformation.

This graphic novel is an ode to Sam’s mother Sahin Wakili and Yilmaz the human trafficker who gave him the future.

Script and Director – Sam Yazdanpanna
Producer – Bas Broertjes / Sam Yazdanpanna
Art Director / Illustrator Artist – Meysam Barza
Motion Design – Mustafa Kandaz
Motion Design Assistant – Nevzat Aydin / Savalan Godshi
Web Design and Coding – Maarten van der Glas
Web Coding Assistant – Lindsey Schaap
Audio Design – Olivier Rekers
Script Coach – David Henrich