Into another body

“Embarking on a journey through corporeal realms, ‘Into another body’ emerges as an enthralling dance opus intertwined with the ethereal tapestry of electronic music and video projection. Within this immersive experience, the dance, music, and visuals engage in a mesmerizing live dialogue, giving rise to a kaleidoscope of choreographic expressions.This avant-garde project delves deep into the intersection of dance and technology, weaving a narrative that transcends conventional boundaries. Harnessing the kinetic energy of the Kinect motion-tracking device, we delve into the intricacies of enlivening the human form upon a projected canvas. The result is a captivating interactive dance installation and a spellbinding performance, an exquisite interplay among personas that beckons the audience to traverse the threshold of artistic innovation.”

Chosen for the platform for young choreographers ‘Anticorpi XL 2014’ in Italy, where it toured further during the year 2015, amongst others at ‘Bolzano Danza’ and Aterteater Festival (IT).

Concept, Dramaturgy, Video Art and Software development: Maarten van der Glas
Dance and Choreography: Anastasia Kostner
Music by Jerke van den Braak, Bas Gebbing and Rutger Muller

Performed at:

‘Radion’ in Amsterdam
Alps Move 2013 in Italy
‘The Garage’ in San Francisco


2013 – Alps Move, Italy
2014 – ‘Anticorpi XL’ Festival, Rovereto, Italy
2014 – ‘The Garage’, San Fransisco, USA
2015 – Bergamo, Italy
2015 – ‘Bolzano Danza’, Italy
2015 – Aterteater Festival, Alta Badia, Italy

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contemporary dance
3D visualisation
live video art