I have been asked to create an AR artwork for the climate museum addressing climate issues.

With the AR artwork, I aim to express the challenges posed by the climate crisis. Challenges that humanity can ultimately overcome if the right choices are made in time. These challenges can be seen as opportunities – opportunities for a clean environment, a better balance with natural resources, and justice for indigenous populations.

The climate crisis is also a crisis of the exploitation system. A deep layer of our history and system is based on an exploitation system, exploiting both nature and people.

Those who benefit from this system resist change, which is why the necessary energy transition is taking too long. Now that the consequences are being felt firsthand, there is some shift noticeable, but is it timely and sufficient?

My artwork expresses the necessary revolution that is needed – a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, from competition to collaboration, from greed to satisfaction, from selfishness to the joy of life on a livable planet.

Why an AR artwork?

With AR, you see a virtual world projected onto the ‘real’ world. AR allows you to create vast worlds that would not be possible otherwise: images can move, be larger than life, and impossible worlds can be created.

AR also enables a visitor to view the artwork in multiple locations: on the street or in the comfort of their own home.

You can load the artwork here:


Art and AR development: Maarten van der Glas
Production: Laura van Rutten / Klimaat Museum

TRANS ECOLOGY was part of “Klimaat op staat”

Artist page @ Klimaat Museum

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