a multi player ART game for kids in refugee centers

Like Dust

interactive graphic web novel


An AR animated sculpture to see through you phone in the real world. Commisioned by Klimaat Museum (Climate Museum)

Reflecting Forward

Reflecting Forward is a Digital Immersive Art exhibition that shows endless connections to reveal what the future can look like. Reflecting Forward explores how digital technologies can connect us in new ways.


Videomapping for the Amsterdam city

In a flickering light

Light art for the "In a flickering light" theater performance

VJing @ Playtime 2019 Mongolia

3 days of VJing at the Playtime 2019 Festival in Mongolia


For the band DIEDE “Made in China” tour I was commissioned to make a video system that allowed 4 screens to roll on stage.

The Floor is Lava

Light art for the exhibition "The floor is lava" by artist duo Sander Breure and Witte van Hulzen in Marres, Maastricht

Patchwork Bodies

‘Patchwork bodies’ unites fine arts, dance, music and film. Five short dance movies and a contemporary dance choreography developed from a process of the exchange between artists.

Apart a Paris

A meeting between the self and the city. A play between finding and loosing yourself.